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 Established in 1989, Kwambo Poles & Timber has become the largest supplier of Treated Poles and Timber in Zululand.

All our CCA timber is SABS approved and conforms to Industry standards.

We are a level 4 BEE company and are registered on the government CSD.

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff look forward to helping you find the right Timber product for your needs.

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POLES – CCA and Creosote

Our large yard is filled with various types of poles in every length and diameter, from CCA Poles, Creosote Poles,Transmission Poles and Cross Arms, to Droppers and Laths, and everything in between.

       CCA1               cca2               cca4                               

Structural Timber 

We stock untreated and treated Pine in various thicknesses and widths.

                                                                         Laminated Pine and Saligna Beams

We can manufacture laminated beams and columns to your requirements, as well as treating Pine beams if necessary.

Beams laminated up to a length of 13m can be treated.

 We can laminate beams up to a 20m length if required, but transportation of this length becomes difficult.

Beam size can vary from 32mm to 300mm in thickness and 40mm to 2.1m in width.


Moulded Timber

We have many different profiles of moulded and machined timber available.

Tongue & Groove ceiling and flooring is available in varying sizes and adds a touch of warmth to any room.

wood2              wood4


Used for the or building of Timber and “Wendy Houses”.


35 x 135mm

35 x 95mm

16 x 95mm

Half Log


22 x 95mm

22 x 135mm

22 x 95mm


Our timber can be treated and planed for decking – either square, bullnosed or ribbed, to suit your requirements. Treatment will either be H3 for weather exposure, or H4 if the timber will be in direct contact with the ground.

Saligna can also be planed and used for decking , no treatment is required prior to installation, only a good quality sealant manufactured especially for decks is needed after installation.


Post & Rail Fencing

Ranch style fencing - aesthetically pleasing and ideal for large boundary areas , paddocks and equestrian areas. It can also be used as a garden fence in conjunction with wire mesh for extra pet security.

                                                        other2                other4               

 Jungle Gyms

We have a wide range of designs available. DIY - All timber is precut and drilled and ready to be assembled.

All hardware is also supplied, (except for the nails or screws to secure the planks to the platform and roof).   

* Installation can be arranged with a contractor, on your behalf.


Machined Timber Profiles

We have several machined timber profiles available.


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